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Heather Fanning
Staff PT, Winchester

Heather graduated from the University of Utah in 2012 with her B.S. in Athletic Training and Minor in Nutrition. As an undergraduate she was a TA for Advanced First Aid and was the Host Athletic Trainer for opposing teams. Her focus was manual therapy techniques and rehabilitation. From there she interned at the University of Louisiana working with Men’s and Women’s Tennis and Baseball before working at Marquette University as Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer with Women’s Volleyball and Co-ed Track and Field. Following this Heather has worked at a combination of semi-pro, collegiate, private and public high school experiences which lead her to obtain a diversity of clinical and communicational skills. Heather’s focus for the past several years has been working towards advancing the public awareness of the field of athletic training and improving community outreach so that there is a greater understanding of the abundance of resources an athletic trainer can provide. Heather is currently the athletic trainer for Winchester High School. When not at school or in clinic Heather enjoys spending time with her nephew and niece and being outdoors in the great outdoors of New Hampshire. Contact Heather @ hfanning@winchesterps.org