Strength and Conditioning



Each and every client who walks through the door here at Boston Physical Therapy & Wellness begins with a thorough 60-minute initial movement assessment. During this initial assessment, we will take a close look at injury history, training experience, specific goals, and much more. Once we’ve had the chance to familiarize ourselves with the client’s background as it relates to their health history paperwork, we will begin the assessment.

Since our assessment approach is dictated primarily by the content of a client’s health history, it is difficult to say exactly what can be expected during the screening process. What I can tell you is that we will focus on identifying faulty movement patterns, addressing mobility and flexibility limitations, and gauging athleticism and fitness level in general. By the time we conclude an initial assessment, we will have all of the information necessary to design an entirely individualized strength and conditioning program. The initial movement assessment rate is $100, which is to be paid at the front desk at the beginning of the assessment.



When you return for your second day with us, you will begin your individualized training program. All 60-minute training sessions will be held in a semi-private setting with a 2:1 client-to-coach ratio. Each client will be using their own individualized strength and conditioning training program. This content will include individualized warm-ups, specific movement training, corrective exercise, a strength training regimen, conditioning, and a recovery routine. The semi-private training rate is $65 per session, which is to be paid at the front desk at the beginning of each session.

Semi-Private Training Model Features:

  • Individualized Training Program
  • Personal Hands-On Coaching
  • 60-Minute Training Sessions
  • Video Technique Analysis
  • Constant Feedback
  • Goal Check-Ins

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