The latest in wearable sensor technology is now available at (clinic) to measure your movement and muscle activity

At (clinic) we want to keep you safe, optimize your performance and help you recover. To do that, we need to tailor a treatment plan that’s unique to you. Now we have a great tool that does just that. It’s called the dorsaVi Movement Suite and it uses revolutionary wireless wearable sensors to objectively measure exactly how you move. These are the same sensors that elite sports trainers are using with Olympians and professional athletes to measure range of motion, acceleration and muscle activity. By recording data at 200 frames per second, at dorsaVi Movement Suite provides our team with visual, objective, easily interpreted data to assess your technique and movement for performance analysis and muscle re-education.

What can the dorsaVi Movement Suite measure?

The dorsaVi Movement Suite can be used to measure movement and muscle activity on different parts of your body, or it can be used to enhance technique or optimize performance in activities like running.

Your Body at 200 Frames Per Second

dorsaVi Movement Suite delivers wearable sensor technology that lets your care team objectively measure how you move. By providing objective data on how you move, your care team can prescribe tailor-made recovery programs and track effectiveness and improvement over time. In fact, in a recently published clinical trial, patients managed with ViMove’s Low Back Module were 3X more likely to have signficiant improvements in reduced pain after 10 weeks vs. patients treated with standard care.

Want to learn more?

Give us a call or visit our clinic to learn more about what the dorsaVi Movement Suite can do for you. You can also find more information at dorsaVi’s website: