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Dr. Michael Amato
Clinic Manager & Director of Clinical Education, Winchester Office

Michael is a 2013 graduate from Boston University where he earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. He also earned his Bachelor's in Athletic Training from Boston University in 2011. Michael has clinical experience in a variety of settings, from community hospitals to private gyms, where he enjoys working with a wide range of patients in helping them achieve their goals. His passion is blending his background as a strength coach with modern advancements in pain science in providing individuals with the necessary tools to make a positive change in their pain, function and performance. Education and learning are the main cornerstones of his life and treatment philosophy, always reading and prompting discussions, in order to help patients, clinicians, and himself navigate through life. In addition to this, Michael continues to value the role of strength training and athletic performance, working closely with various powerlifting teams in the Boston area and training with barbells himself. The effects of strength training go well beyond just muscles and he would love to see the popularity of it continue to grow in helping make a healthier society. Contact Michael @ mikea@bostonptwellness.com