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Fitness & Wellness

 At Boston Physical Therapy & Wellness, our mission is to help you achieve, maximize, and maintain your goals. This is why we integrate superior Health and Fitness services alongside our Medford physical therapy office. With an amazing team of passionate, caring individuals ― each experts in their respective fitness field - we aim to make superior Health and Fitness services accessible to the Medford and Greater Boston community. With the ultimate goal of positively impacting the Medford community, we've innovated a unique program for everyone. Have a look at the options below to see what best meets your needs.

Fitness Programs

For athletes and clients interested in improving general fitness and performance, meet our strength coaches, Matt and Lauren. Whether your goals are to lose weight, build muscle, or to receive expert coaching on form and technique for a Olympic lifting meet, these two have the knowledge and experience to get you there. Our strength coaches offer a range of options including private training sessions, semi-private training, as well as fitness classes. Click here to learn more.

Athletic Performance Programs

With a team of high-level athletes and Marathon runners, we understand the importance of sport performance training. We offer training to individuals and teams of all levels ranging from youth athletes through to the high school level up to the collegiate ranks. Built into our programs are initial assessments and testing as well as retesting to clearly show you results.   For runners just starting out to Marathon vets, meet RunFitDoc, a unique program which marries the knowledge of a physical therapist with run-specific training. Following a gait and running analysis, you will begin a custom program tailored to your goals and needs. Learn more here.

Health Programs

While exercise is an integral component to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, 80% of our body's adaptations are attributable to our diets. For many, understanding of Nutrition may involve a basic knowledge different food groups, but when put to practice there are many questions about what is appropriate for their body given their lifestyle and most importantly their individual Health goals. If you have questions, meet Caroline - our certified Nutritionist and Wellness coach. Following an initial consultation, Caroline is here to help you identify areas in your diet that need improvement with an individualized program. For more information see here.